SoBo’s Family

Lisa decided to hone her skills at the Culinary Institute of America in New York for 18 months, starting in 1997. Living in the Hudson Valley opened up an incredible awareness of farm fresh products for Chef Ahier, who graduated from CIA with honours. This new awareness led her to work under the tutelage of renowned award-winning Chef Melissa Kelly at the Old Chatham Shepherding Company Inn – a working farm in upstate New York. Here she further developed her affinity for incorporating locally grown, fresh ingredients into original recipes.

Jennifer Scott
Just steps from the front door of SoBo one often finds groups of patrons huddled about Jennifer Scott’s shiny glass display of freshly made cookies and pies. Deciding is always always impossible so it is advised to try more than just one.
A resident of Tofino for over 20 years Jen Scott has been baking up a storm at SoBo since 2007. She takes great pride in making SoBo’s customers happy with her baking and loves being part of the SoBo family.

Laurence Fisette
Madamoiselle Fisette is inspired by the ocean and the sense of community she feels here in Tofino. Only 3 years into her residency at SoBo, Laurence displays the talents and knowledge of a seasoned Vet. For her, its all about working with Tofino’s fresh seasonal foods and the creative freedom that SoBo provides. Every dish plated by her hands is prepared with the utmost of care and professionalism. Not to mention delicious.

Tamara Neale
All the locals eat at SoBo, and all the locals love Tamara. Over the past 8 years, Tamara has established herself as an important member of the community here in Tofino. Her passion for fine wine and food are legendary and Sobo is fortunate her influence on its daily offerings.

Katrina Peters
Katrina has been part of the Sobo family since its early days as a food truck in Tofino’s Botanical Garden. Consistency is so important when there are so many people in a kitchen and Katrina is the one who knows “how Chef Lisa Wants it” done. She has always enjoyed teaching the new staff and guiding them towards success.
“There is also such an abundance of talented people that go through the doors each season.” says Katrina, “Each person I try to learn and glean from even if it just helping them for a few minutes.
I always try to stay open, even on my grumpy days I know I learn from them too.”